How to protect your privacy online

You're not nearly as anonymous as you think you are online. Even if your computer is completely free of spyware, trojans and viruses, your personal information still follows you from website to website.

This isn't necessarily a bad thing. If your computer wasn't partly identifiable, there would be no way to get web pages, movies, podcasts or e-mails to you. It's often a good thing too that some sites recognise your computer and tailor what they display especially for you, like shopping sites you regularly visit.

But there's a fine line between what a site needs to know and invading your privacy. In the worst case, it could be possible for a site to compile a profile of you and your habits over time, possibly even including your name, location and e-mail address. Some companies exist solely to build up profiles like this and sell them for marketing purposes. How to protect your privacy online - New Zealand's source for technology news on

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