Grey Goo Virus Infects Second Life Virtual World

Second Life, an online virtual world, was hit over the weekend with a virtual virus dubbed "grey goo" that inserted self replicating objects into the world and caused it to experience slowed server performance, reports.

Second Life users create virtual representations of themselves, or avatars, which can interact with each other in user-created environments. Linden dollars (L$), the form of currency in the virtual world, can be purchased with real money and used to obtain virtual land, goods and services, among other options.

The self-replicating objects appeared in the form of golden rings, which are meant to be a reference to the golden rings from Sega’s popular Sonic the Hedgehog video game, according to a number of posts on Second Life forums, reports. ‘Grey Goo’ Virus Infects Second Life Virtual World - Security Feed - Blog - CSO Magazine

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