Is the hacking community running out of fresh ideas?

Aaccording to a new report by Kaspersky Lab, the hacking community has run out of fresh ideas when it comes to creating new malware. Malware Evolution: July September 2006 states that while the hacking community is developing 'proof of concept' code for new platforms, it is unlikely that it will translate in to malware capable of causing substantial and lasting damage.

Says Alex Gostev, Senior Virus Analyst at Kaspersky Lab and author of the report: “The overwhelming trends throughout 2006 indicate that the well of truly new ideas has run dry. Virus writers are feverishly trying to defend their creations against new protective technologies by creating proof of concept code for new platforms. However, these creations do not yet have a footing in reality: we are not seeing threats that would be able to cause millions and millions of pounds of damage, as Klez, Mydoom, Lovesan and Sasser did in the past.” Security Park - Is the hacking community running out of fresh ideas?

Linked by shanmuga Tuesday, 21st November 2006 12:22AM