Who's killed the virus?

Gone are the days when an enterprise or any user of a PC connected to the internet could install a straightforward antivirus (AV) solution on each machine, and sit back safe from attacks.

Viruses, at least in the strict, traditional sense, are in decline - the only reason it is not yet terminal are the steady stream of new variants of existing viruses which appear on a daily basis.

In the strict definition, a virus must be able to replicate and execute itself - most worms and Trojans do not qualify under this category (although the line between some worms and classic viruses is thin).

The reason behind the decline of the virus can be expressed in one word: money. “Who killed the virus? Criminals killed the virus,” says Justin Doo, managing director for the Middle East and Africa (MEA) at Trend Micro. Who's killed the Virus

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