Using the Internet Anonymously

Anonym.OS, a LiveCD built on OpenBSD that allows you to utilize the Tor network, along with Privoxy, to surf the Internet anonymously. To start, I thought it might be useful to understand what the two underlying tools were all about before I jumped into Anonym.OS.

The Tor network is an intriguing concept: build a bunch of servers around the Internet to route traffic through so that your connections canít be traced. Why would you want to do that? Well, for several reasons, like you donít want your web activity being traced by marketing people or spammers so they can come back and get you later. The really cool thing about Tor is that itís not a hosted service; itís a free toolset so that people can set up their own to help support the project and share their bandwidth. Unix Review > Security: Using the Internet ó Anonymously

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