Cheap PCs could herald a spam epidemic

Outsourcing isn't good only for software companies who keep an eye on the bottom line; it's also great news for blog spammers, 419 scammers, and pump and dump stock operations. That's because the same market forces that make developers in India and Eastern Europe such a good deal to American and Western European firms also make it easy for miscreants to hire legions of cheap workers to help with spam operations. Solving CAPTCHAs, for example, requires humans, and blog spam can be profitable enough that spammers are outsourcing the work to Indian and Chinese workers.

One drawback of such schemes is the relative dearth of computers and Internet access in the countries where such a job prospect would be tempting. But a recent Guardian article wonders whether the falling price of PC technology will usher in a new era of comment spam and general Internet fraud. Cheap PCs could herald a spam epidemic

Linked by shanmuga Tuesday, 28th November 2006 11:50PM