Surviving the Spam Storm

Despite the assurance offered by Bill Gates two years ago that "two years from now, spam will be solved," the spam deluge is getting heavier.

Spam rose 59% between September and November, according to Postini, a managed messaging service. The company processed 70 billion e-mail connections for customers during that period and 91% of it was spam. In the past year, the company says, the daily volume of spam has risen by 120%.

For anti-spam vendors, surviving the spam deluge has been a matter of natural selection. "The market for anti-spam technologies has shaken out and there are a handful of companies that are still delivering good quality products," says Scott Petry, founder and CTO Postini. "But a lot of the less well capitalized companies that weren't able to keep up with the tactics have fallen by the wayside." Surviving the Spam Storm - News by InformationWeek

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