Defeating the Hacker: A Non Technical Guide to IT security

Top notch books on computer security are as about as rare as great Scottish limbo dancers, but that hasn't stopped publishers cranking out more and more titles on the subject in the hope that quantity will eventually wear down the audience's resistance. Even the word "security" now induces phobia in anyone who has to read such books for a living. "Not another security book", you hear yourself saying under your breath, as you pull a new candidate from its miserable cardboard wrapper.

It should be simple. Find someone with something to say and the ability to say it, wrap it up in some decent production values, and market it like hell. Too often, publishers simply mistake ‘knowing what you’re talking about’ with the ability to impart that knowledge. You also need a degree of flair. - Insight - Defeating the Hacker: A Non-Technical Guide to IT security

Linked by shanmuga Thursday, 30th November 2006 9:56PM