Microsoft Defends WGA Changes As 'Small Burden'

Microsoft on Wednesday defended recent changes to anti piracy software that's sent to Windows XP users via automatic updates, and said that the impact on consumer and business customers would be minor.

"The burden on users with genuine systems is small," said David Lazar, director of Microsoft's Genuine Windows, in an email reply to several questions about the revamped WGA Notifications Tool for Windows XP. "In fact, many users like the confidence of knowing their software is and continues to be genuine."

Microsoft's Windows Genuine Advantage program has been under fire since Microsoft debuted the notifications component in April. In June, Microsoft was sued as a spyware distributor after the company revealed that WGA "phoned home" to Microsoft's servers on a daily basis. Similar technologies and practices unveiled for Windows Vista also have come under attack. Microsoft Defends WGA Changes As 'Small Burden' - Technology News by TechWeb

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