Sweatshops: The Ultimate Botnet?

It's a clever, if sinister, idea: Pay people 2 cents an hour to click on ads and spam blogs. Computers should make most of these jobs obsolete.

It's not funny at all, even though I find myself chuckling at it. Every now and then you read stories about how people in the Third World are being paid to perform repetitive tasks to assist in fraudulent Internet schemes.

My favorite story is of the Chinese sweatshop video gamers. They play multiplayer role-playing games like Blizzard's World of Warcraft, aka WoW, and accumulate valuable assets, such as virtual gold and weapons, which they then sell, for real money, to rich, lazy Americans too busy or untalented to acquire the assets the old-fashioned way. Sweatshops: The Ultimate Botnet?

Linked by shanmuga Friday, 1st December 2006 11:55PM