Why You Need to Guard Your Computer

Occasionally, I'll hear from readers who are sick of how difficult and complex it is to keep a PC safe on the Internet but who simultaneously can't give up going online. So they adopt a certain fatalism, saying, in effect, "These extra pop-up ads are annoying, but it's just too much work to fix this week."

The problem is, you can't be sure that the spyware infesting your machine is only pulling down extra, unwanted ads. A story on our Web site this afternoon explains the potential downside: "Three suspects in a Dutch crime ring hacked 1.5 million computers worldwide, setting up a 'zombie network' that secretly stole credit card and other personal data, prosecutors said Thursday." Security Fix - Brian Krebs on Computer Security - (washingtonpost.com)

Linked by shanmuga Thursday, 20th October 2005 9:56PM