Stopping Data From Flying Off to Google

My state agency's intrusion detection systems were showing some undesirable activity on our network. Upon investigation, we found that several desktop systems were communicating with Google via Google Desktop. I ran a network security scan and found at least 50 computers set up to do this. How was that possible?

All 50 were new Dell machines. I called down to the lab where desktop system images are created. A tech answered, and I asked him if he knew why Google Desktop was installed on the new systems. “Yes,” he said. “The new Dell systems came with it installed. We thought it was a useful tool, so we included it in our standard image.”

The question that immediately reverberated in my head was, Why weren’t the security implications considered? What I said was, “This is a security problem for us, and we have to uninstall it as soon as possible. I’ll put together a meeting.” Stopping Data From Flying Off to Google

Linked by shanmuga Monday, 4th December 2006 11:30PM