CyberGangs and Thieves: An Unholy Alliance

Cybercriminals are increasingly working hand in hand with traditional criminals to steal identity and bank account information.

"This isn't Johnny Hacker from Romania stealing money from a bank," says Ralph Logan, partner with The Logan Group, which helps corporate clients with their computer forensics investigations. "These are criminal gangs working with 'electronic' gangs and getting that banking information and translating it into the real world."

If you didn't take the insider threat seriously before, you should now: Forensics experts say this new breed of cyberattackers typically uses an insider -- a "plant" bank teller, or a disgruntled employee -- to gather customer banking information they then subsequently use to open lines of credit and fake bank accounts. Dark Reading - Desktop Security - CyberGangs and Thieves: An Unholy Alliance - Security News Analysis

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