Malware gangs using 'KGB tactics' to recruit tech grads

Organised crime is "grooming" a new generation of would be cybercriminals using tactics which echo those used by the KGB to recruit operatives at the height of the cold war, according to a new blockbuster study by net security firm McAfee.

McAfee's second annual Virtual Criminology report sensationally claims that crime gangs are targeting academic high-fliers in much the way Soviet intelligence agencies recruited spies such as notorious traitor Kim Philby in the 1940s. The study, which we reckon might prove a plausible basis for the next Tom Clancy blockbuster, suggests that net savvy teens as young as 14 are being "attracted into cybercrime by the celebrity status of hi-tech criminals and the promise of making money without the risks associated with traditional crime". Malware gangs using 'KGB-tactics' to recruit tech grads | Channel Register

Linked by shanmuga Friday, 8th December 2006 11:40PM