Antivirus Scanners Confounded by MIME Vulnerability

Some of the most popular antivirus scanners on the market are open to exploitation, according to a security researcher. Hendrik Weimer, author of Quantenblog, said he had found a way of encoding viruses so they go undetected by most of the scanners he tested.

The exploit involves MIME encoding, which was the subject of serious concern two years ago. Weimer said the trick could be significantly more dangerous than a vulnerability that lets attackers bypass a single virus scanner. "Much rarer are discoveries of new attack classes that are able to blindfold not one but many virus scanners. Here is one," he said in a blog post. Antivirus Scanners Confounded by MIME Vulnerability - Security Feed - News - CSO Magazine

Linked by shanmuga Wednesday, 13th December 2006 11:30PM