Reports of Antivirus Death May Be Exaggerated

IT guru Robin Bloor has thrown down the gauntlet to the antivirus software industry, but the only response he's received has been the equivalent of one hand clapping. For months now, Bloor, a partner with Hurwitz & Associates, a consulting and research firm in Waltham, Mass., has been preaching about the demise of antivirus software. He's even cooked up an acronym for it: AVID, for "Anti-Virus Is Dead."

"When I floated the idea that antivirus software was irrelevant, I expected some kickback," he told TechNewsWorld. "I expected to be contacted by antivirus companies to demonstrate to me why I was wrong, but they went silent." E-Commerce News: Security: Reports of Antivirus Death May Be Exaggerated

Linked by shanmuga Thursday, 14th December 2006 11:57PM