Disposable email address lets users fool spammers

Things were simple until the advent of junk email, better known as spam. Every day, I receive more than six THOUSAND pieces of spam. The glut of spam is choking away the usefulness of email.

As a stopgap, I use junk email filters, white lists and other technologies. And for now it's working, so I can only hope that other technologies, consumer awareness and laws will help in the future. Recently I found a Web site that offers a unique service that could indirectly help you with your spam while solving other problems, too.

One of the ways you get placed on a spammer's list is when you give out your e-mail address to an online service. You have to hope the company isn't sharing it. But with the 10 Minute Mail Web site, you don't have to worry. Here's how it works: 'Disposable' e-mail address lets users fool spammers : The Morning Call Online

Linked by shanmuga Thursday, 14th December 2006 11:58PM