They're turning me into a zombie

The spammers' latest trick is to take over your PC to generate ever more unwanted emails. Unwanted spam emails have become arguably the biggest blight of the internet age and things are getting worse.

One leading UK company reported that spam email doubled in the first fortnight of November, while the email filtering company Postini reports that spam now accounts for 90% of all global email about 153 billion mails sent every day.

One reason for the rise is that spam has taken a new and threatening twist. Devious spammers are hijacking the home computers of unsuspecting surfers to distribute spam. And if your computer is not properly protected then itís possible it has already become an unwitting mule, according to Detective Constable Bob Burls of Scotland Yardís computer crime unit. They're turning me into a zombie - Personal Tech - Times Online

Linked by shanmuga Sunday, 17th December 2006 11:27PM