Shields up for summer

Summer is here and with it comes the annual round of updated security software for the New Year. From essential anti virus and anti spyware sentries to full blown internet security suites and a new raft of utilities to protect against online fraud, they're all proudly branded with "2007" to reinforce the message that whatever version you have now is, well, outdated.

Consumers, however, are increasingly questioning the need to splash out on all-new security software year upon year. That's why the companies behind these programs have the option to pay for a subscription that updates your current software sufficiently to deal with the latest virus threats, hack attacks and other forms of malicious software. You may not get all the new features of the program's fresh-baked 2007 version but you'll be fully protected for the next 12 months. Shields up for summer - Security - Technology -

Linked by shanmuga Monday, 18th December 2006 10:05PM