Potential Skype worm propagating

Websense Security Labs has had reports of a new worm that uses Skype to propagate. We are still investigating the issue but here are the details so far:

* users receive messages via Skype Chat to download and run a file
* the filename is called sp.exe
* assuming the file is run it appears to drop and run a password stealing Trojan Horse
* the file also appears to run another set of code that uses Skype to propagate the original file
* the file is packed and has anti-debugging routines (NTKrnl Secure Suite packer)
* the file connects to a remote server for additional code
* the original site has been black holed and is not serving the code anymore
* the number of victims is still TBD
* the original infections appear to be in APAC region (Korea in particular) WebsenseŽ - Blog: Potential Skype worm propagating.

Linked by shanmuga Monday, 18th December 2006 10:27PM