Real Phishing Tool Probes User Gullibility

One of the fastest growing problems in the battle against malware (define) are emails that sucker the user into clicking on a link or executing a program without thinking twice. The computer and the network it is a part of are then opened up to all manner of infection...

The problem is expected to get worse in 2007. Enter Core Security Technologies which has updated its CORE IMPACT software to test an internal infrastructure against phishing attacks. CORE IMPACT 6.2, available now, uses real-world viruses to test the security of a network to determine where a network might be vulnerable, and also to see how gullible the employees are. This type of attack will be the trend of 2007, predicts Mike Yaffe, director of product marketing for Core. Real Phishing Tool Probes User Gullibility

Linked by shanmuga Wednesday, 20th December 2006 8:33PM