A first look at Thunderbird 2.0

After many months of development, Thunderbird 2.0 is almost ready to debut. The Mozilla Foundation released the first beta of Thunderbird 2.0 last week, and I've been using it to manage my mail since then. The new release boasts tagging, history navigation, new mail alerts, improved extension support, and a number of other features. Thunderbird 2.0 won't knock your socks off with exciting new features, but it's a nice, gradual improvement over the Thunderbird 1.5 series.

One of the things I didn't like about Thunderbird 1.x was that you were limited to five labels for messages. You could customize the color and text for the label, but five was the limit. Three there shall not be, and six was right out. Thunderbird 2.0 ditches labels altogether and goes for the Web 2.0 gusto with tags -- as many tags as you want. Linux.com | A first look at Thunderbird 2.0

Linked by shanmuga Thursday, 21st December 2006 10:53PM