Is Vista Really Bug Plagued as the NY Times Claims?

Last week's discovery of a non critical bug affecting the old 32 bit Windows API, which BetaNews reported on at the time, was picked up by The New York Times this morning, although its severity was substantially elevated in the process. Under the headline "Flaws Are Detected in Microsoft's Vista," the message box problem was touted as triggering "an early crisis of confidence in the quality of its Windows Vista operating system."

Yet tests of the flaw conducted by BetaNews suggest that, while the bug can crash Windows XP, its roots in the Win32 API dating back to Windows 3.1, coupled with the fact that the source code for the proof-of-concept appears to be straight ANSI C, directly contradict the Times' implication that the bug somehow afflicts Internet Explorer 7.0.

In fact, BetaNews' tests of the original proof-of-concept code, as posted to a Russian security researchers' group Web site, turned up a significant flaw in that code, which would prevent it from being compiled on a modern operating system. BetaNews | Is Vista Really Bug-Plagued as the NY Times Claims?

Linked by shanmuga Tuesday, 26th December 2006 11:59PM