The Six Dirtiest Tricks of 2006

The following is Dark Reading's look back at six of the most clever and devious IT security exploits of 2006, which we call "The Six Dirtiest Tricks of 2006." (Catchy, ain't it?) These are the exploits that attracted the most attention from our readers during our first seven months of publication. (Okay, so it's not the whole year. Sue us.)

Interestingly, none of the "hot security topics" of 2006 appear on this list. In general, our readers didn't find our stories about Windows vulnerabilities, lost laptops, NAC, or HP pretexting to be as interesting as these six. Could it be that you actually want to read about something different for a change? Well, watch out for Dark Reading in 2007: We're making it our quest to give it to you.

In the meantime, pull up a rock and grab a slice of wildebeest. Our look back is about to start. Dark Reading - Desktop Security - The Six Dirtiest Tricks of 2006 - Security News Analysis

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