How to remove Kill & Clean (Removal Self help guide)

Kill & Clean is a rogue anti spyware application that installs rootkits, other malware, fake autostarts to the Windows Registry, display fake scan results, and provides misleading information. When Kill and Clean is installed on your computer it will install random autostart entries into the Windows Registry that appear to be malware related. These entries, though, are not real and are only added so that the program can find them and state that you are infected. When you try to clean them, it states that you need to purchase the full version of the program in order to clean them.

This is obviously a tactic used in order to scare you into buying their software. Needless to say, you should not purchase Kill & Clean. Due to the fact that Kill & Clean installs random names for the fake entries it installs in the Registry, this guide can not remove these essentially harmless but unwanted entries. What this guide will do, though, is allow you to determine if you have this software installed, remove the rootkit and its associated infectors, and remove Kill & Clean itself. How To Remove Kill & Clean (removal Instructions)

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