Predicting the Top Security Threats for 2007

Professional cyberthieves and organized crime rings are looking to cash in on stolen identities, and are releasing an increasing amount of malware in the process.

There are more than 217,000 types of known security threats in the wild and probably thousands more that researchers haven't even identified yet, according to McAfee Avert Labs.

For the year ahead, McAfee predicts the following disturbing trends: a rise in the number of password-stealing Web sites that use fake sign-in pages for popular online services such as eBay; the mainstreaming of adware; the increasing prevalence of mobile phone attacks; and, as video-sharing on the Web continues to gain popularity, the inevitable targeting of video files as a means to distribute malicious code. Technology News: Viruses & Malware: Predicting the Top Security Threats for 2007

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