180 ActiveX install

This was picked up today by Sunbelt spyware researcher Adam Thomas. It shows a certified ActiveX install of 180 Search Assistant, offering “Free Porn Access By 180 Search Tools”.

What’s interesting is not that 180 was installed through a porn site (I suppose it’s something they have every right to do). Rather, it’s that the ActiveX control is so explicit in saying what the purpose of the install is (“Free Porn Access By 180 Search Tools”). This is classic CDT stuff (CDT is the distributor 180 bought).

Incidentally, the install came off a crack site, which also sometimes passes you off to a Super Search page which installs various malware through an IFRAME exploit. Sunbelt BLOG: Seen in the wild: 180 Active/X install

Linked by shanmuga Friday, 21st October 2005 10:46PM