Cell Phone Privacy Issues

People use cell phones to call friends, businesses and even doctors' offices without thinking twice about it, assuming that the numbers you're dialing are kept private, Ruth Spencer reported.

But Ruth found that your phone records may be open to the public.

Web sites such as one called, "Locate Cell," will sell the last 100 hundred phone numbers you've dialed to anyone who knows your phone number, according to Ruth to the Rescue.

Ruth Spencer paid the $110 fee and inputted her own phone number on Locate Cell's Web site, and sure enough, she received an e-mail with the results.

Ruth found that the report did, in fact, contain the last 100 numbers that she had called, which means anyone could have access to this information, including jealous exes, employers, or even a criminal trying to steal your identity. ClickOnDetroit.com - LOCAL 4 FINANCE - Ruth To The Rescue Reveals Cell Phone Privacy Issues

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