Researchers: Hack will help kill HD DVD copy protection

The recent release of software that can be used to decode encrypted HDDVD and Bluray movies is the first step toward making the encryption standard used by these next generation video players obsolete, Princeton University researchers said Monday.

Late last month, a hacker going by the name Muslix64 released software that could be used to decrypt movies that were encoded using the AACS (Advanced Access Content System) digital rights management specification. AACS is supported by Hollywood and video player manufacturers.

Introduced in April 2005, AACS is the copy protection system for HD-DVD and Blu-ray movies. It is supported by companies such as Microsoft Corp., Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd. (Panasonic), Sony Corp., Toshiba Corp., The Walt Disney Co. and Warner Bros. Researchers: Hack will help kill HD-DVD copy protection

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