The Fight Against Phishing: 44 Ways to Protect Yourself

Itís a scam that generates billions of dollars even when only 5 percent of the darts hit the target, it threatens the integrity of online transactions between customers and e-business houses, itís a constant cat-and-mouse game between the perpetrators and the security guys hot on their heels Ė phishing, carding, brand spoofing, web spoofing Ė call it what you will, thereís no escaping the fact that the threat of this swindle is getting more dangerous by the day.

The offenders have at their disposal an arsenal of weaponry - seemingly innocuous links embedded in emails that redirect to fake sites, pop-up windows that encourage you to enter sensitive information, URL masks that conjure up real Web addresses, and keystroke loggers that are lurking around waiting to capture your user ids and passwords even as you type them. You donít necessarily have to be tech-savvy to protect yourself from phishing attacks, itís enough if you keep your wits about you, are a little aware that not all sites on the Internet are the genuine article, and follow one or a combination of the following 44 tips. Network Security Journal: The Fight Against Phishing: 44 Ways to Protect Yourself

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