Malware: Windows is only part of the problem

Weve all been hearing a lot about secure applications recently, or more accurately about insecure applications; specifically those that are exploited in identity theft raids or that we can be "tricked" into running on our PCs.

Insecure applications are such a problem that Microsoft has spent the last five years and many millions of dollars re-engineering its operating system and much of its other software in order to improve the situation.

Other software providers are doing the same thing and there has been an explosion of anti-virus and spyware removal vendors in the industry. Its not that software has suddenly become insecure, rather with the internet there is now a viable means for criminals to exploit these insecurities to create ill-gotten gains. Malware: Windows is only part of the problem | Reg Developer

Linked by shanmuga Friday, 12th January 2007 2:14AM