Google annoys Web site owners with malware alerts

Some Web site operators are complaining that Google Inc. is flagging their sites as containing malicious software, when they believe their sites are harmless.

At issue is an "interstitial" page that appears after a user has clicked on a link within Google's search engine results. If Google believes a site contains malware, the page will appear, saying "Warning -- visiting this Web site may harm your computer!"

Google does not block access to the sites, but a user would have to manually type in a Web site address to continue. Organizations are complaining their sites do not contain malicious software, and say the warning is embarrassing.

"We have no bad software or installs or anything that would indicate a need to ban people from viewing our site," wrote Matt Blatchley, who works for the Greenbush Southeast Kansas Education Service Center, in a posting last Friday to Google Groups. Google annoys Web site owners with malware alerts

Linked by shanmuga Friday, 12th January 2007 2:15AM