$60 to keep crapware off of a Windows PC?

It's a money problem, so it's going to take money to fix. At least, that was the message from Michael Dell earlier this week at CES. Our own Eric Bangeman sat in on a round-table with Mr. Dell, and one of the topics raised there was what do to about crapware. When asked about it, Dell responded by asking participants how much they were willing to pay to receive a computer sans crapware. It seems that, at the end of the day, OEMs want that money to come in somehow, someway.

Of course, Dell framed it differently, saying that such deals help keep the cost of computers low, with the idea being that Dell is passing on the savings to you (as well as the joy of un-installation). To get a crapware-free PC, we'd have to be willing to pay more for our computers. Accounting can be creative, and there's probably some truth in the matter. $60 to keep crapware off of a Windows PC?

Linked by shanmuga Friday, 12th January 2007 2:28AM