Clickatell's CEO, responds to DOS SMS attacks story

"A number of recent media reports have drawn attention to the possibility that cellular networks could be severely compromised by hackers exploiting SMS vulnerabilities. While these articles make for an interesting read, as chief executive of one of the world’s leading mobile messaging aggregators, Clickatell, I had to raise an eyebrow at some of the comments that emerged from these report.

In my opinion the scenario described is fairly unlikely by any stretch of the imagination. First and foremost, SMS is not like email in that it usually needs to be paid for individually. Delivering spam SMS at 165 messages per second would cost close to $ 4,000 per minute. Free SMS services would not be able to deliver messages at that rate. CEO of Clickatell sets the record straigh on DOS sms attacks

Linked by shanmuga Saturday, 22nd October 2005 7:00AM