Symantec: Vista UAC Is Still Too Chatty

In positioning itself to provide aftermarket applications for Microsoft's Vista operating system, anti virus market leader Symantec is highlighting some shortcomings it believes to exist in the new platform's own security tools.

Among the conclusions of a presentation delivered to the media during the week of Jan. 8 by Symantec Vice President of Engineering Rowan Trollope is the software maker's finding that the UAC (User Account Control) feature of Vista, a security innovation highly touted by Microsoft, remains unwieldy and confusing to users.

UAC is designed to help Vista limit malware's ability to escalate an individual PC's user privileges, a common technique used by code writers to spread their viruses from one machine to another. Symantec: Vista UAC Is Still Too Chatty

Linked by shanmuga Monday, 15th January 2007 11:45PM