The Fear of Wandering EMails

"It's a hole you can drive an 18-wheeler through," said Paul Myers, president of the security firm 8E6 Technologies in Orange, Calif.

It is a battle of best intentions: productivity and convenience versus security and more than a little anxiety.

Corporate techies -- who, after all, are paid to worry -- want strict control over internal company communications and fear that forwarding e-mail messages might expose proprietary secrets to prying eyes. Employees just want to get to their mail quickly, wherever they are, without leaping through too many security hoops.

Corporate networks, which typically have several layers of defenses against hackers, can require special software and multiple passwords for access. Some companies use systems that give employees a new security code every 60 seconds; this must be read from the screen and typed in quickly. That is too much for some workers, especially when their computers can store the passwords for their Web-based mail, allowing them to get right down to business. E-Commerce News: Security: The Fear of Wandering E-Mails

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