The Surprising Security Threat: Your Printers

The Blaster worm hit McCormick and Co. hard and fast. It entered the famous spice company through a service provider connection and ripped across plants and offices in a matter of hours. What was most vexing, however, was that the virus kept coming back on disinfected network segments.

Upon further investigation, it turned out that Blaster, as well as some instances of the Sasser worm, were trying to repropagate from infected network printers.

“Printers were just one of several types of systems contributing to the nightmare at the time,” says Michael Rossman, who’d just taken over as global director of IT services and information security at McCormick at the time of the worm outbreak in 2003. “Blaster went to all our PCs, our radio frequency units, our handhelds. And, we learned belatedly, it also spread to our printers.” The Surprising Security Threat: Your Printers

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