Apple Not Scared of Security Holes

Although Microsoft gets the majority of the attention about discovered security holes, Apple shouldn't feel like they can just weasel their way right out of the crossfire. They've been able to do it fairly successfully in the past, but their arrogant attitude makes them more of a target for public exposure. In trying to knock Apple’s cockiness down about one or eight notches, security researcher LMH and his team are planning to launch the Month of Apple Bugs starting in January 2007, and their plan is to feature an undocumented security hole in either OS X or another Apple application every day of the month.

"Oh, no! Run for the hills! We’re all going to die!" Um, not quite. Far from being terrified of what January will bring, Mac users should remain realistic and understand that even though 31 or so supposed security holes are going to be uncovered, that doesn’t mean that our computers are going to be attacked left and right. If you’ll remember, certain security vulnerabilities are nothing new to OS X, and even though these things have been exposed, there haven’t really been any noteworthy public exploits that take advantage of the problems. - Apple Not Scared of Security Holes

Linked by shanmuga Thursday, 18th January 2007 6:31AM