"Spam King" sued by MySpace

MySpace has just filed suit against well known spammer Scott Richter, operator of OptInRealBig.com. MySpace, which bills itself as a "leading lifestyle portal" that helps people make "a positive impact on the world," is unhappy with Richter's alleged spamming of its membership, and has filed a federal lawsuit against him in US District Court in Los Angeles.

The suit alleges that Richter sent millions upon millions of "bulletins" to MySpace users between July and December 2006. These bulletins were hawking products like ringtones and polo shirts, and many were sent from accounts without the knowledge of the owner. MySpace claims that Richter got the account information through phishing then used the accounts to disguise the origin of his spam. "Spam King" sued by MySpace

Linked by shanmuga Tuesday, 23rd January 2007 11:47PM