Spam Explodes, but You Can Fight Back

We're having a spam wave more like a tsunami. After a lull in growth rates in late 2005, the volume of junk mail on the Internet at large began skyrocketing in 2006. IronPort, a leading antispam technology company, says that 63 billion spam messages were sent in October 2006, more than double the number of messages dispatched in October 2005.

Experts attribute the global upswing in spam to technological innovations in the way the junk mail is sent. Spam-fighting software is good at rejecting mail from servers that are known to disseminate spam, but spammers are getting better at setting up botnets--networks composed of broadband-connected PCs that, unbeknownst to their owners, are used to send spam. PCs that are directly connected to a cable modem or a DSL modem are particularly at risk of being commandeered. PC World - Spam Explodes, but You Can Fight Back

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