How to remove Registry Cleaner 2.5 (Removal Self help Guide)

Registry Cleaner is a program that states it will scan your computer for and fix Registry problems. If problems are found then you need to purchase the commercial version of the software in order to fix them. The reality is that this program is a security risk that displays false positives and exaggerated results as a scare tactic in order to have you purchase the commercial version. What is quite amusing is that this software finds as one of its results the Trojan, Ctpmon.exe, that was used to install it. It goes without saying that you should not purchase the software.

Ctpmon.exe is a program that starts up automatically when Windows starts and displays an alert stating The registry is corrupted. To help protect your computer please update your security software. It then asks Would you like to update your security software now? The software being named System Registry Cleaner with a publisher name of Microsoft Certified Partner. You have an option of clicking on the Update button or the Ask Me Later button. If you press the Update button it will download and install Registry Cleaner on your computer. Registry Cleaner will automatically start and scan your system where it will list the Ctpmon.exe file as one of the entries that need to be fixed. If you select the Ask Me Later button the alert will go away and ask you again in a couple of hours. How To Remove Registry Cleaner 2.5 (removal Instructions)

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