Net getting nasty

Not only did the Internet make a vast sea of information instantly available anywhere in the world, but it also brought countless hackers and scammers to the doorstep of anyone who logs online.

Few people would live in a neighborhood where robbery attempts occur constantly, in broad daylight no less, and there are no police to keep order. But every day, millions of Internet users submerge themselves in this anything-goes environment.

Assembled four decades ago by academics who trusted everyone online to treat it with care, the Internet today is overwhelmed by viruses, flooded by unwanted e-mail and swamped with users.

Last year, Carnegie Mellon University logged 3,780 new computer security vulnerabilities, compared with 1,090 in 2000 and 171 in 1995. About 36 billion spam messages a day deluge corporate e-mail systems, each one costing companies $1 in lost productivity, according to research firm Jupiter Media Metrix. IR // News // Net getting nasty

Linked by shanmuga Sunday, 23rd October 2005 6:43AM