One quarter of all computers part of a botnet

Vint Cerf told his listeners that approximately 600 million computers are connected to the Internet, and that 150 million of them might be participants in a botnet nearly all of them unwilling victims. Weber remarks that "in most cases the owners of these computers have not the slightest idea what their little beige friend in the study is up to."

If Cerf's estimate is accurate, that's one quarter of all machines connected to the Internet. So is the Internet doomed? Well, you're reading this, so no, not yet. But the botnet menace is no phantom, and it has been growing in strength for years. In September 2006, security research firm Arbor Networks announced that it was now seeing botnet-based denial of service attacks capable of generating an astonishing 10-20Gbps of junk data. The company notes that when major attacks of this sort began, ISPs often do exactly what the attacker wants them to do: take the target site offline. Vint Cerf: one quarter of all computers part of a botnet

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