Upcoming New Features in Internet Explorer 7 - Chris Wilson in IEBlog

We’ve also continued to enhance our security: with a simplified architecture to defend against malware, system-level protection on Windows Vista, and new ways to protect against personal data theft from fraudulent websites, we’ve demonstrated our continued commitment to improving security. Building on the security features released at beta 1, upcoming new features will include ActiveX Opt-in: To reduce the attack surface and give users more control over the security of their PC, most ActiveX controls (even those already installed on the machine) will be disabled by default for users browsing the Internet. Users will have the option to enable controls as needed using the same Information Bar they have used to install new controls since Windows XP SP2, and we are proactively working with the largest ActiveX control vendors to make sure the experience is great. We’ve created a Protected Mode for IE when running on Windows Vista, which reduces the severity of threats to IE and add-ons running in the IE process by eliminating the silent install of malicious code through software vulnerabilities. We do this by automatically running IE in isolation from any other application or process in the operating system and preventing the IE process from writing to any location beyond Temporary Internet Files without explicit user consent. We’ve improved our cross domain barriers to help limit the potential for a malicious Web site to manipulate flaws in other Web sites and cause the user to download undesired content or software. We’ve provided a “One Click Cleanup” feature to clear out the history, cache, etc. (which can be disabled by Group Policy). Finally, we’ve integrated with the Windows Vista Parental Controls to help keep kids safe online by allowing parents to control browsing behavior. Bloglines | My Blogs

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