Storm Trojan was worse than it should have been

With the bad guys increasingly resorting to quieter, more targeted attacks, it's been a long time since we've seen headlines about the massive spread of a worm or Trojan horse. Most security experts agree the days of Sasser like attacks are over. So when the so called Storm Trojan started gaining traction last week, antivirus vendors were jolted into overdrive.

Symantec gave the malware a rare risk rating of three. The firm flags most malware with a rating of one or two. It also declared it the worst outbreak since 2005. F-Secure Corp. dedicated big blocks of space in its F-Secure blog to updates on the Trojan's spread. F-Secure even offered footage of its computerized world map so everyone could witness the malware's march across the globe.

But was this malware really worth the publicity it received? Opinions vary among security bloggers. Storm Trojan was worse than it should have been - 26/Jan/2007 -

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