Windows Vista's half cocked firewall

When is a personal firewall not truly a firewall? How about when it's made by Microsoft? Last week I listed how home users won't see all of the "new" security features available within Windows Vista, the new operating system from Microsoft. One of those "new" security features is the Windows Firewall, available in all editions of Windows Vista.

The Windows Firewall is of course not new; it's already available in Windows XP SP2, but it works only one-way, that is, it only blocks malicious inbound connections. In Windows Vista, Microsoft says its new Windows Firewall is now two-way, that it adds outbound protection, but a closer look reveals that this is more deceptive marketing spin. With Windows Vista what you get turns out to be a half-cocked firewall that's hardly worth the upgrade. Security Watch: Windows Vista's half-cocked firewall - CNET reviews

Linked by shanmuga Saturday, 3rd February 2007 10:01PM