Dangerous web browsers

Web browsers. They're all around you, on every PC across the length and breadth of the planet, yet you probably don't stop to think about them too much. Why would you? They’re just there, and that's all that matters, like the mouse or the keyboard, a tool you just plug in to do something else, without worrying about what they happen to be doing internally. Your gateway to the online world, we have a voracious appetite for the latest hot new browser, the Firefox killer, the latest features and functionality.

We give up our trust to these browsers wholeheartedly; let them save our passwords, keep hold of our browsing habits and much more besides. For all the new features, bells and whistles, there used to be one thing you could be guaranteed when using a browser: Type in a URL, and that's the page you'll see. Right? Security Park - Dangerous web browsers

Linked by shanmuga Saturday, 10th February 2007 8:34AM