Storm Worm DDoS Attack

A number of antispam websites came under a distributed denial of service attack on January 12, 2007. The trojan responsible for the attack was one of several dropped onto systems infected by a seeding of the email virus which later came to be called "Storm Worm", also W32/Small.DAM and Trojan.Peacomm.

Researching further back in time, we find that variants of the same malware family were released in similar fashion in November, December and early January. Many AV companies labeled the previous variant "Win32/Nuwar".

When Storm Worm runs, it attempts to link up with other infected hosts via peer-to-peer networking. Through this conduit it gets a URL which points to a second-stage executable, which in turn downloads additional stages onto the infected system. Storm Worm DDoS Attack - Research - SecureWorks

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