How to remove SpyDawn (Removal Self help Guide)

SpyDawn is a rogue antispyware application that is installed on your computer without your permission using Trojans and other malware. These types of programs are typically installed when a user installs what they think is an audio or video codec, but in reality is a Trojan that downloads and installs SpyDawn. When run, SpyDawn pretends to be a anti-spyware application but instead provides exaggerated or fake results of Spyware found on your computer. In order to clean the found items you must purchase the full commercial version of the SpyDawn software. These false results are actually used as a scare tactic to have you purchase the SpyDawn. It goes without saying that you should not purchase this software.

When infected with this software you will also see fake taskbar alerts stating that you have running spyware applications on your computer. This is another scare tactic used to have you purchase the software. When you click on the alert it will load SpyDawn and run a scan as described above. The title for this fake security alert is System alert! How To Remove Spydawn (removal Instructions)

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