It's good to be an information miser

Kevin Mitnick, the famous computer criminal who is now a security consultant, has attributed many of his successes at breaking into systems to his ability to trick people into giving up their passwords. He coined the term "social engineering" and noted that it is much easier to trick someone into giving up sensitive information than it is to hack into a system using technical skills.

Hmm, let's see. I could crack SHA-1 in 5.9029581035870 x 10^20 attempts, or . . . I can just talk to you about beer and ice hockey while I stand over your shoulder and watch you type your password. Tough call.

The surge in popularity of "Web 2.0" websites has shown that, among other things, people place a higher importance on cool new widgets and ease-of-use than on security (security is an afterthought -- oh yeah, it’d be nice to be safe too). Websense® - Blog: It’s good to be an information miser

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